Reception of classes at the media library

The Institut français media library invites teachers from Qatar to come with their students to discover the media library and carry out activities with the media librarian!

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Why it is important ?

For students:

  • Develop a taste for reading and discover children's literature.
  • Develop their culture, their critical spirit and their imagination.
  • Take ownership of the space and resources made available.
  • Work French in immersion.

For the school :

  • Exchange good practices with the media librarian.
  • Diversify activities with students.
  • Borrow documentary resources in FLE
  • Co-construct innovative projects with the Institut français
These turnkey workshops are ready for you:

More personalized activities are possible. You can also organize your own activities in this space that we make available to you. 

The “book hunt”: In groups of two or three, students search for a book whose character is a particular animal, a title or a cover that evokes a theme, a feeling... This animation can be an opportunity to highlight different illustration techniques. It can lead to the choice of one of the books found by the pupils and a reading aloud. 

What is this book about? : From an album, we will make students guess the story using clues, such as the front cover, the illustrations one by one without the text, the front cover and the beginning of the story. Then at the end, read the book so that the students know the “real” story. 

Story time :  After a time of collective discovery of the books, you can offer a reading of albums aloud. Seat the children comfortably so that everyone can make the most of the entertainment offered. Be sure to present several books so that each child can appropriate the universe that suits him best. Books should be age appropriate, illustrations should be visible from a distance (large format books). 

The French Briefcase

A real briefcase filled with books in French can be borrowed by your establishment during the school year. It may contain educational works, books, magazines, children's DVDs, board games, etc. 

Why it is important ?

For students:

  • Develop a taste for personal reading and discover the richness of French-language children's literature. 
  • Discover new books and arouse your curiosity.

For the school :

  • Develop a class or school project such as an exhibition, work on storytelling, a reading competition