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TEF preparation workshops

– Discover writing techniques (news item, argumentative text)

– Practice writing written expressions – Benefit from advice and personalized corrections

– Refresh your skills in grammar and conjugation

Préparation à l’épreuve d’expression écrite à l’examen TEF Canada : Total de 16h (2h, 2 fois par semaine) Tarif : 1600 QAR

Préparation générale à l’examen TEF Canada : Total de 8h (2h, 1 fois par semaine).Tarif : 800 QAR

To register, please contact

TCF preparation workshops

Preparation workshops for the DELF Junior and AP

8 hours: preparation for DELF exams

Private preparation courses for the TEF, TCF or DELF

These preparation classes are designed to better support you and prepare you for the exam format, which will not only save you time but also get you a better grade to achieve your goal.

Prepare yourself to TEF or DELF B2 with PrepMyFuture

This platform offers you preparations for the TEF with modules made up of questions adapted to your level of language proficiency, as well as DELF B2 for candidates over 16 years, with exam simulations. The platform offers you a report that identifies areas of improvement and your strengths.