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Discovery level

This is the very first level for children. They will learn the first words in French and will be able to answer some very simple questions.


Beginner level

Joining the first level means learning the basics that will allow you to interact in French, introduce yourself, talk about yourself and your environment while gaining confidence. This is the key in starting French lessons. Welcome to the French-speaking world!

Confirmed beginner

Confirmed beginner level

This level gives you the opportunity to have a more elaborate conversation. You will be able to carry out simple everyday tasks, use polite expressions and communicate in the most common situations.


Intermediate level

Thanks to this level, you will become independent. You will be able to understand and actively participate in a discussion, give your opinion and your opinion. You will be able to cope with unexpected situations in everyday life.
This is the minimum level to obtain French nationality.


Advanced level

At the end of this level, you will be able to argue to defend your opinion, develop a point of view and negotiate. You will also be able to watch a film in French without subtitles.
This is the level required for studies in France and the minimum required for immigration to Canada.


Autonomous level

This level allows you to establish easy and spontaneous communication thanks to a broad lexical repertoire. You will have a clear, well-constructed and without hesitation speech which will show the mastered use of structures.


Master’s level

With this last level, you can express yourself fluently, precisely, in order to distinguish fine nuances of meaning in relation to complex subjects.


Why choose us ?

Our experience

We have a team of professional and certified teachers who undergo regular training in the latest methodologies and practices used in the field of teaching French as a foreign language. Our expert teachers are passionate about teaching French to both adults and children, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable learning experience for all.


Personalized sessions

Nos cours sont élaborés sur la base d’une évaluation approfondie des besoins et des objectifs individuels de nos apprenants.

The French Institute of Qatar offers various types of courses from beginner to advanced levels, both extensive and intensive, covering general French or French for specific purposes (FOS).

Our strengths:

  • Our courses are tailored to all levels: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • We offer a variety of captivating activities that bring French culture to life
  • Our courses are interactive and dynamic, making learning enjoyable for everyone
  • We provide specialized courses for children, turning language learning into a real adventure

Our flexibility

Selon vos disponibilités et vos préférences, nous pouvons ajuster le lieu et les horaires de vos cours !

Our competitive rates

Our rates are the most competitive on the market, and when you are an IFQ learner you get discounts on all our offers!

Level table

Meet our Students

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What is your profile ?

If you already have basics but don't know your level, send an email to info@if-qatar.com to pass a placement test.​

If you want to learn fast, you can also choose our intensive and intensive + programs​​

Si vous souhaitez développer vos compétences à l’oral et pratiquer le français  en vous amusant et dans des situations réelles de la vie, choisissez un de our workshops!