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Debate, role-play, pronunciation games,….  

Put the finishing touch to your speaking skill!  



 Le temps d’une histoire 

Is your child learning French with us or at school? Do you want her/him to develop her/his language skills in a creative set? Great! Get your creative child on with our new Story Time sessions! Your child will not only listen to stories in French but also engage in fun, interactive activities where she/he will progress her/his French all while delving into a world of fairytales, fantasies and endless dreams. 

Age group: 7-11 years old  

Thursday, from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm  

Fees: 50 QAR per class (IFQ students will benefit from 20% off)  

Date :  

13/01; 10/02 ; 03/03 ; 07/04 ; 12/05 ; 09/06

 Le court (métrage) de récré 

Give your child the opportunity to learn more French with short movies! She/he will develop more language skills in a creative way. Before and after the projection your child will be involved in fun and interactive activities where she/he will progress and enhance her/his French.  

Age group: 7-11 years old  

Thursday, from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm  

Fees: 50 QAR per class (IFQ students will benefit from 20% off)  

Date :  

27/01 ; 24/02 ; 17/03 ; 21/04 ; 26/05 ; 23/06 


All our language and thematic workshops are open according to the number of students registered, every Thursday, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Fee per session: 200 QAR (IFQ students will benefit from 20% off)  


Prononciation – Au fil des sons  

The prononciation workshop will help you recognize and distinguish the sounds, improve your pronunciation and step by step manage to have a good diction in French. In a relaxed atmosphere, through fun activities, you will work on your pronunciation, intonation, rhythm and enunciation.  

Grammaire – Dites-moi, professeur…  

The grammar workshop is a great opportunity to understand better the language, to improve in an interactive and fun way your grammar skills and to reinvest them in speaking and writing.  



Voyage, voyage !  

All you need to know when it comes to communicating while you travel in a French speaking country (pre-intermediate level).    

C’est chic !  

Have an insight into luxury French brands, get familiar with their history and the French know-how! (intermediate level and plus).  

À la une !  

Get into the news room, take part in the discussions about the main stories, improve your vocabulary and speaking skills (intermediate level and plus).    

World of sports  

Are you ready for the World Cup 2022? Enhance your skills in French, learn how to comment the main sport events, how to talk about your favourite sport, enrich your vocabulary with specific expressions from foot and other sports (intermediate level and plus).  


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us: 44930862/63 or