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Why ?

You want to register for a course but you are unsure of your level.
You want to register for an official French exam but you are uncertain about the level (recommended in particular for DELF/DALF exam)

Kindly note that Ev@lang is a test confirming your level but it does not stand in for an official exam.  We use it as a way to assess your level.

Who ?

For any learner coming for the first time at the French Institute in Qatar, unless you are a complete beginner.

We have placement test for adults, teenagers, pre-teens and children, in order to be able to guide you in the course most suited to your needs.

Adult tests are done in two parts: a first section on a computer with the software Ev@lang, then an individual interview with a teacher to check your speaking skills.

The other groups only have to take the speaking test, which can be completed with small writing tasks if necessary, depending on the level.

How ?

By making an appointment beforehand with the reception of the French Institute in Qatar ( to reserve a time slot for the first part on the computer (also possible from home) and the interview with the professor (also possible online, on Zoom)

Allow 1 hour for an adult test (40 minutes for the online part and 20 minutes of interview) and on average 20-25 minutes for other audiences.

How much ?

100 QAR for adults

50 QAR for teenagers/pre-teens/children