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Welcome to the Arabic classes ! أهلاً وسهلاً في درس العربية

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The French Institute in Qatar organizes Arabic classes, based on the method Ahdâf developed by Arab World Institute (Paris)

The Arab taught is the contemporary one: the language used in the medias nowadays, the language used online on the Internet and in social networks…

Our classes focus on both listening and speaking skills, with an emphasis on the phonetics. You will very quickly discover the alphabet and recognize words. Subsequently, the reading skill, the practice of reading out loud, the writing skill and the grammar will come to complement the learning process.

This Arabic classes will be taught in French, so you need to have at least a B2 level in French to follow.

The winter 2021 session begins on Saturday, January 16.


Niveau Rythme Type Période
A1.1 Samedi, 16 h-18h En présentiel 13/03-29/05
A1.2 Lundi/mercredi, 18 h 30-20 h 30 En présentiel 08/03-07/04
A1.3 Dimanche, 18 h 30-20 h 30 En présentiel 18/04-27/06
A2.2 Mardi, 18 h 30-20 h 30 En présentiel 18/04-27/06

Fee: 1600 QARNumber of hours: 20 hours

Book Price: 270 QAR // Writing practice: free

Last day of registration: Monday, January 11, 2021.

Registration and payment at: +974 3168 0085 (calls/WhatsApp)

or by email at: