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(TCF) Test de connaissance du français

Test de Connaissance du Français (TCF)

Do you want to assess your linguistic skills in French for personal, academic, or professional purposes?

The TCF is an official exam recognized by the French government. It provides a snapshot of your level of French language proficiency.

The TCF is available in six versions, four of which are currently offered by The French Institute in Qatar, your only approved center in Qatar:

TCF Tout Public allows you to justify your level of French proficiency for personal academic or professional purposes.

TCF DAP for the prior admission request, is available for students who wish to integrate a license 1 in a French university or a French school of architecture.

TCF ANF for access to French nationality is essential for any foreign person wishing to acquire French nationality by naturalization, reintegration or by declaration of nationality by marriage to a French citizen. This examination meets the new provisions introduced by the French Ministry of the Interior fixing at level B1 (oral and written comprehension and expression tests) the level required in French for applicants for naturalization.

TCF for the residence card in France, is essential for any foreign person under the age of 65 requesting for the first time the issue of a long-term resident card (valid for 10 years) or a card marked “Long-term resident – EU”. It meets the new provisions introduced by the French Ministry of the Interior (Decree No. 2016-1456 of October 28, 2016 and Order of February 21, 2018) setting the required level at A2 (oral and written comprehension and expression tests) in French for applicants applying for the long-term resident card.

For more information on possible variations:

TCF registration form to be completed and returned to the French Institute with a photo and a photocopy of the passport.

Exams date

End of Registrations





04/02/2021 04/01/2021







TCF TP (EE obligatoire)



TCF TP 09/12/2021


TCF TP (EE obligatoire) 13/12/2021


Do you want to prepare for this important exam?

The French Institute in Qatar offers you private and adapted preparation classes to help you better prepare for the format of the exam, which will save you not only time during the exam, but also points for achieving your goal.

Do you want to prepare as a group for TCF DAP?

Follow us on social media to find out the dates of our next TCF DAP preparation workshops.

Don’t have time to take lessons?

Prepare for the tests of written, oral comprehension and language structure with TV5 MONDE: