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دورات اللغة الفرنسية

The French Institute of Qatar offers classes all year round.



  Sessions  Inscriptions 
Début  Fin  Début  Fin 
Session 1 adultes  16/01  16/03  01/12/2020  11/01/2021 
Session d’hiver jeune public*  16/01  13/04  01/12/2020  11/01/2021 
Session 2 adultes  20/03  13/05  20/02  15/03 
Session de printemps jeune public*  17/04  26/06  20/03  12/04 
Session 3 adultes  22/05  17/07  17/04  10/05 
Session express d’été jeune public  04/07  08/07  27/06  03/07 
Session 4 adultes  18/09  15/11  21/08  13/09 
Session d’automne jeune public*  18/09  13/12  21/08  13/09 
Session 5 adultes  14/11  16/12  23/10  13/11 

FRENCH COURSES*young students – 5-15 years

Starting from level A1, our teachers use French to communicate with the students in order to ensure a maximum exposure to French. Teachers at the French Institute are all specialized in teaching French as a Foreign Language (FLE).

The main aim is obviously to be able to communicate, in a speaking or writing context, taking into consideration the needs of our students.

Four skills are particularly addressed: listening skill, reading skill, writing skill and speaking skill.

The French Institute will help you build up a personalized scenario just for you: first with a placement test to determinate your level, the registration process when you will receive your material and details about your class, the classes themselves and if interested, you can also run for an official exam that is acknowledged worldwide and very useful for a potential job abroad or to continue your studies at the universities in a French speaking country for example.

We are following the official curriculum for languages set by the Common European Framework of Reference from the Council of Europe.


Our teachers focus on interactivity and exchanges within the classroom and encourage collaborative work in small groups or in class groups, all in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment.


Our courses are mainly focused on communication activities, and our multiple teaching methods cover the traditional approach of practicing exercises as well as the modern perspective of working on class projects. Furthermore, they are all well trained for the on line teaching and the use of new technologies. Our teachers are aware of the students’ areas of interest and work towards meeting their appetite for news, information and French culture.


Our teachers rely on recent books and on a variety of other resources: newspaper articles, audio files, videos, internet and all sort of teaching software. Our rooms are all equipped with interactive boards to make the course more dynamic.


At the end of each module, students take a test that allows them to assess their understanding of the course material. A Certificate of Level Completion is awarded to the student at the end of each session. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO STUDENTS.

The media library provides students with additional resources that assist them throughout their learning of the language: novels, non-fiction books, , magazines. A “library for the learner” is also available with books organized by reading levels.


Schedule: from Sunday to Thursday and Saturday, depending on your level.

Join us as well for our intensive courses this autumn!

In small groups (maximum 8 people) or in a private class, you will gradually improve your linguistic skills to be able to communicate. There are 6 different levels:

Throughout your learning, if you wish, you can also validate your knowledge and take an official exam (more  information)

At the end of your session, a certificate will also be provided to attest your training.

The French Institute also provides some linguistic workshops to allow you improve your speaking skills.

children and teenagers CLASSES

We also offer classes for children and teenagers.

  • Courses for young children from 5 to 7 years old 
  • Courses for children from 7 to 8 years old 
  • Courses pre-teens from 8 to 11 years old 
  • Courses teens from 12 to 15 years old

Students are divided into small groups (maximum 8) according to their age and level. If your child is not a real beginner and may have been already exposed to some French in the past at school, a small placement test has to be done to ensure we can determinate the best suitable group for him/her.

Classes occur twice a week or once every Saturday, depending on the level and the pace you want.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us: 44930862/63 or